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The optimization of hygienic conditions becomes more and more important in all areas of food, fish, meat and bread industries. In order to realize the implementation of GMP and HACCP hygiene concepts, a higher level of automation of the cleaning procedures in production processes will optmize the production process to the next level. The Robo Belt cleaner will make cleaning of conveyer belts during and after the production process not longer a time consuming and expensive activity.

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The Robo Belt industrial dry steam cleaner:

  • Steamforce unit [1]
  • Cleaning unit [2]
  • Belt [3]
  • Vacuum unit [4]
  • Robo Belt Cleaner

    The Robo Belt Cleaning process consists of:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Water cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Dry cleaning

  • The task

  • Heavily contaminated conveyor belts cause difficulties during production
  • Valuable production time is lost due to extensive cleaning
  • High amount of labor is necessary for cleaning processes

  • The solution

  • Cleaning during the production process
  • More effective and more gentle cleaning procedures than manually or by brush – soft cleaning
  • Clean environment, self-cleaning and hygienic (HACCP)

  • Advantages of the Robo Belt cleaner

  • Automatic cleaning of the carrying side of contaminated and encrusted conveyor belts in order to assure consistent and reproducible production conditions Cleaning during production process
  • Higher automation level, low personnel expenditure
  • No contamination of the environment
  • Integration possibilities into the hygiene management
  • Low wear and tear of the belt
  • Self cleaning and disinfection equipment on request

  • Automation

  • Technical consulting
  • Project planning
  • Electrical installation
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • System optimization
  • Rebuilds and upgrades

  • Service

  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Measuring, analysis, and optimizations
  • Consultation and training

  • Product videos

    Robo Belt Cleaner with suction roll

    Robo Belt Cleaner demonstration

    Robo Belt Cleaner Drawer


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